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To my wife, my children, members of the board & the superintendent other elected officials, neighborhood representatives and all of you that have helped me get elected, I say thank you. Throughout the annals of time, in my opinion there has been no words spoken to describe where we are today than those spoken by a District 2 resident who lived on Sunset Ave, in the very heart of the District. I believe that Dr. King said it best… “we are confronted with a fierce urgency of now”…with all that we have been through as a system, we can no longer wait; the fierce urgency of now, is that we must build upon a strong foundation an education system that we can all be proud of. One that includes Math, Literature, Science the Arts and Vocational Educational opportunities, we can no longer wait. So as I have taken this oath, it is with the understanding that I must stand behind some in support, stand in front of others to lead but first and foremost I must be willing to stand amongst all, to be that bridge between them and the system. So I accept the challenge, the honor bestowed upon me by the voters. I do so with the understanding that a genuine leader is not a seeker of consensus but a molder of consensus. So to my colleagues, as I take my place among you, please be willing to accept my knowledge, my wisdom, my strengths, and my weaknesses to this team. Please accept my hand upon the plow that you have used to till the fields of hard work and let’s do it together. To the voters, parents and other stakeholders, we are in this together. So when we are demanding quality teachers and a quality educational system, in that same breath lets demand quality parenting and meaningful involvement by all into our system. I make one simple promise to you... that I am committed, I am here for the long term and that I will stand firm and not waiver because I believe in you, I believe in us, we the Atlanta Public Schools System So again I say “thank you”! Now let’s create a system that we can all be proud of.